Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You are a Beautiful Soul

I wish, wish for more quiet time. Close your eyes and take yourself to a far off place. Like Wish-Wish Girl, feel the sand, smell the ocean, hear the waves...Time will be quiet and stand still..

Right now these prints are available by email only..

Every once in a while, with gaps in time that stretch for eons, someone like you comes along who instinctively trusts their inner senses more than their physical senses, the unseen more than the seen, and whose life-insights are so piercing that they unwittingly blow the entire model of spiritual evolution to smithereens.

~Mike Dooley~

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hi Rhonda,

Just taking a break from painting and thought I'd check in with your blog. Your Wish-Wish Girl line is entrancing and what you write strikes a chord.

I love the kitty in the images, too (Spanky's everywhere!). :)

Take care,


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