Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring collection coming to Etsy soon

Wish-Wish girl (aka Bella) is a new Genie who was created into a desolate land. Therefore, she has to wish for everything that she desires.
Her wishes aren’t only for herself though, but for you also. Each wish she makes could relate to a wish that you desire. So peak into wish-wish land and see if anything you desire in your life is there. Some of us need more time in the day. Some of us need to be more thankful for what we already do have and some of us just want more of what we already have. Why not, this is our world and we “Can Have What We Want”. There is nothing wrong with wishing to make yourself happier. So go ahead and choose your wish from Wish-Wish Girl. Like you would an affirmation, you keep the print or original in a place where you can view it everyday and relax and dream into it. In no time your wish will be granted. If it’s time you desire..(like me) you will find you no longer have that feeling of lack of time. You will be concentrating more on the time that you do have.

I created Wish-Wish Girl because she was in me. To start, as a child I dreamed of Jeanie..I wanted to be her..I spent hours a day pretending I was her, dressing up like her..making all kinds of wishes and tried to blink them into existence.. Well all growns up now, I realize that I ‘can’ create my wishes..it just takes time and lots of visualization and inner desires. This is why I created her..She takes me to that place I need to be in order to create my own world..

The prints are surreal and dream-like..and although quite simple and pleasing to the eye in color and illustration..you will find lots of little nooks where you will find small hidden creatures or spots of nature. I have always been fascinated by images that had hidden meanings or hidden objects. So my wishes are coming true through “Wish-Wish Girl”... yours will too..

“Through the night comes the light that brings the day.

Through your mind goes the thought that forms the clay.”

~Mike Dooley~

Artist: Rhonda Harris ~ creator and illustrator of Wish-Wish Girl.
All images are Copyright protected, Wish-Wish Girl 2008.
Images are non-transferable with sales.

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