Monday, March 10, 2008

New Hobby

I just ordered some great supplies from Bramble for soapmaking.. I am excited about this.. I never knew that making soap was so easy. It just takes minutes to create and a few hours to waiting a month to cure with the Melt and Pour method. Now in addition to my scrubes, balms, salves and salts..I'll have some new creative beautiful soaps. I really like the rustic block look of soaps.. I'm not sure I'll be using molds to make my soaps.. I love all the creative looks of those who make beautiful decorative soaps..I like the loaf style soap that I can cut up with a knife and make rustic looking with different herbs..and gorgeous colors..My favorite color is aqua and then magenta/pink so watch for my cool new hobby of's my new adventure..

I'm trying also to find more time to write..I'm trying to dedicate each morning to write a little in my please check back every day for some little blurbs from me.. Soon I will write about soapmaking and other crafts..Please email me if you have any comments...

For now my latest addition to my Etsy store is "Quiet Time".. I wish, wish I had more quiet time" says Bella.

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