Friday, January 18, 2008

Note from the Mike Dooley

Here's my daily "Note From The Universe" by Mike Dooley... I try to read one a day since I hardly have time to sit and read anymore.. Hope you can get something from this as well....

In Your Wildest Dreams, did you ever expect it would seem so real? That your pains and sorrows would cut so deep, and that your joys and laughter would feel so sublime?

No, I didn't think so, because one can't know, until they go, which is why you're there. To feel the emotions that can only be known by immersing yourself into the illusions of have and have not. Because in time and space, no matter how much you have, there's always more, and no matter how much you lack, there's always less. Therefore by simply being there, no matter what you do, nor who you become, nor how much you think you gain or lose, your purpose will be achieved.

I love that one..

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